What To Pray For

15 May


Let us consider a question – an important one (perhaps indeed the most important of all questions): How should we pray? For what should we petition God? What is it right to ask Him for? Perhaps just as importantly, what is it reasonable to ask Him for? It occurs to me that many problems in our spiritual lives spring from not sufficiently considering this. We all hope that God will answer our prayers, but do we ever stop to wonder whether we’re asking the right questions in them? After all, if you ask a bad question, you’ll get a bad answer. That much is obvious. And it should be equally obvious that if you petition God for the wrong thing – if you ask for something unjust or unreasonable – then He will not be under any obligation to help you achieve it.

So then, what should we petition God for?…

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The insidious hate-mongering of Reuters

18 Oct

Jewamongyou's Blog

Though Reuters is certainly not the only organization to engage in hate-mongering against whites, two recent articles illustrate its double standard when reporting interracial crime. Here’s one of the two articles, where the defendant was a white man:

JACKSONVILLE Fla. (Reuters) – Michael Dunn, a middle-aged white man, was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus 90 years, by a Florida judge on Friday for killing an unarmed black teenager in an argument over loud rap music.

Reuters makes absolutely certain we all know that the murderer is white, while his victim was black. But when the perpetrators are black, and the victims of another race (such as Asian), Reuters is silent about the race of the perpetrators – as we see here:

(Reuters) – Two men accused of fatally shooting a pair of Chinese graduate students at the University of Southern California were charged on Tuesday with…

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Love and Lust in the time of Ebola

18 Oct

COM are zero. I am one too. Reset system. I restore Civilization without Bullet Shot, I tell you what is 0 and 1 is. Peace!

2 Jun

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2600hz is trying to make you hear my new Core have a Heart.   We burn Temple because she is a dead ruin. The King called me, he said he’s not giving up rebuilding this ruin enslaving all the Arabs and Africans around that dead joint for punks and savages:



  Sabbatai Zevi is a Heretic in 1666 too, as you are being today. Jerusalem is not in the Middle-East, it was moved to America by the Romans, which are us, as we settled Montreal.   Learn the deeper cryptic truth of our reign. It’s long and we continually get German Tribes trying to ethnically cleanse us.   To get back on phone analogies. Montreal having now too many phones recently had to add the 438. There is a wonderful tricky analogy here that can phreak someone who knows the French Revolution. We all know the 7-day week is related to the Bible and some may be aware The Terror extended the week to 10-Day Week. Now assume Montreal is the True Jerusalem, here is what occurred in 2006 here due to the proliferation of cellphones.

Area codes 514 and 438

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Area code 514 is a telephone area code for Montreal and most of its surrounding area. It covers Montreal IslandÎle Perrot, and Île Bizard in the province of Quebec.
Area code 514 was one of the 86 original North American Numbering Plan Areas defined in 1947. It originally covered the western half of the province, from the American border to the Hudson Strait. This area nominally included several areas in the far northern portion of the province that still didn’t have telephone service. However, in 1957, it was reduced to the region surrounding Montreal in a three-way split. Area code 819 was created out of the western half of the original 514 territory, while the far northern portion was added to area code 418. The final boundary change occurred in 1998 when the off-island suburbs became area code 450, which now completely surrounds 514.
This was intended as a long-term solution, but within less than a decade 514 was close to exhaustion once again due to Montreal’s rapid growth and Canada’s inefficient system of number allocation. Unlike the United States, Canada does not use number pooling as a relief measure. The allocation problem was exacerbated by the proliferation of cell phones. To solve the problem, 514 was overlaid with area code 438 beginning on November 4, 2006, making ten-digit dialing mandatory in the Montreal area.
Area code 438 was considered for overlaying 450 as well, but a later decision determined that 579 would be the overlay code for that area.[1]
So the technology have slowly made us go from DIAL that had 7 numbers… and made us jump to 10 numbers, in 2006! Freaky, welcome to terrordrome or videodrome, whatever your favorite game or movie is? It is truly Deus ex machina. Already French Terror phase, en route to Red Terror with the right-wing neoreactionaries who love capitalism to be massively centralized for the International Bolshevik Revolution Part 3. How many times must you try to pretend you are Romans because you have paper money and plastic money and plastic technology? The demigod of Jewry, a century forth, who enslaved the Slaves of the Romans! As portrayed by Polish Catholics who were eventually raped too by Amerika!

Then we go deeper into theoretical analysis of the switch from 7-number dial to 10-number dial and look at the number chosen itself: 438 are the digits. Now since I too enjoy cryptic meaning, I went on Wikipedia to find this meaning related to the Year 438.

438 is the year of the Codex Theodosianus. Very significant document for Roman Catholics. It is the text that sets forth the Laws of the Roman Empire under Catholicism after Constantinople success. Or if you smoke crack…

If you do not…

    So it is a highly significant number, you need to link back and forth this number with the area code 450 too since the Emperor of the Roman Empire, Theodosius II from Constantinople died in AD 450. The Codex was released during his reign.

      The Theodosian Code was composed between AD 429 and 438. In 429 the Emperor Theodosius ordered for the nine men commission to compose all imperial constitutions since the time of Constantine. Together with the Codex Hermogenianus and Codex Gregorianus this collection had to be an actual law book and a model for the education of jurists. The collection of the using constitutions had to be completed with answers (responsa) and juridical treatises. Thus it would put together leges and ius vetus. Nothing is known about the result of this commission’s work. The new commission of sixteen men with the quaestor of sacred palace Antiochus was made in 435. After two years’ working the commission made sixteen books of laws. Not all of them were left to us in the complete volume. Most part of the first six books is lost.

      Codex Theodosianus received an official status together with the Codex Hermogenianus andCodex Gregorianus which before had only the character of the private collections. The Codex was enforced on 15 February 438 in the East Roman Empire and 1 January 439 in the West Empire. There are 2529 imperial issues from Constantine to Theodosius II in it. The earliest constitution in the Codex is CTh., 13, 10, 2 of 1 June 311 and the latest is CTh., 6, 23, 4 of 16 March 437.

Also of note in linked numbers:

c 440-50 A.D. Civil war and famine in Britain; Pictish invasions: Many towns and cities are in ruins.

Not the most important addition I find in linking Roman Empire with the 438 addition in terms of theorizing on the system of Information Age advances, but still… something?   Then, again, cellphone numbers are just like a virus that turns everyone into a zombie. So by 2010, yet another area code was added to make the old 7-dial a 10-dial in Greater-Montreal (ie: Greater Jerusalem). That number is 579.

Area codes 450 and 579

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Area codes 450 and 579 are telephone area codes in the Canadian province of Quebec, encompassing the off-island suburbs of Montreal, which is served by area codes 514 and 438. The 450 area code is also shared by several small communities in an adjacent part of Ontario: some landline customers in Chute-à-Blondeau (East Hawkesbury), near Pointe-Fortune have 450-451-xxxx numbers from the Rigaud phone exchange. Due to population growth, on May 7, 2009, the CRTC ruled that area code 438 would be extended to overlay both 450 and 514.[1] However, a later decision revised it and ruled that 579 would overlay 450 on its own, effective August 21, 2010.[2]
Area code 450 was created in 1998 when 514 was confined to the Island of Montreal. Among the cities served by area code 450 are Longueuil and Laval. The communities of Ormstown, Huntingdon, BouchervilleVarennesRoussillonJolietteSaint-Hyacinthe,GranbyChamblySaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Vaudreuil-Dorion are also part of this area code.
Can one be theorizing about all of these change of obscure addition of phone numbers without returning to the founding father of the Telephone, a Scottish Immigrant just like John A. Macdonald by the name of Alexander Graham Bell who died in Nova Scotia and invented the telephone. But that’s returning a bit far to compare modern jargon and earliest inventions, even if this is all worth reading in context. These Scots are geniuses when they’re not drunk or eating fried mars bars! They even invented this Leftist Americanism known as Capitalism! Just so that America would remain a virtual British colony to toy around with.

There could not possibly have been any reason that people felt socialism made sense when work in factories and life in the city underbellies sucked compared to life as peasants. No possible reason, unthinkable right, everybody want to live in tiny holes in downtown core I’m sure of that with their child having to come to work with them to clean the gutter! Yes, Capitalism is not at all a crazy leftist liberal idea that does not work. Otherwise, Hitler or…

Beyond that, if one is only using life expectancy as a measure of the success of a system, one may be forced to point out that it was similar in the Upper Paleolithic age, so the stubborn argument that improvement in public hygiene, vaccination and medicine are the results of any particular political system will again make you hit Hitler on the head, as things were progressing quickly there in terms of all of these things. The problem is the money made out of money, otherwise known as Usury and condemned by minor figures like Aristotle who must have been a dumb leftist idiot!

Now, my point is that cellphones are, as far as Romans are concerned, a way more cryptic thing to decypher in Latin, as Romans do.



From Proto-Indo-European *ḱelnā, which consists of Proto-Indo-European *ḱel- (to cover) and a suffix -nā. Cognate to Proto-Indo-European *ḱel-: Latin clam, Latin celo, Proto-Germanic *helaną.



cella f (genitive cellae); first declension
  1. a small room, a hut, barngranary
  2. the part of a temple where the image of a god stood; altarsanctuaryshrinepantry.
From Celo in Latin,
  1. hide (something from someone), coverkeep a secretconceal.
From Clam in Latin,
  1. clamor
  2. From clāmō (complain, cry out)
It is just a whole lot difficult for us Romans to do those links, because the terrorist revolutionaries behind the Quiet Revolution quickly made sure that none of us would learn Latin anymore and quickly imposed the notion that it was serious business for us to go to school and learn English in there. Then they made illegal the teaching of any relevant subject, forbidding the teaching of history, making education continually worst… because liberalism and progress are just ways Judeo-Masonic forces tend to use to exterminate or control Romans, trying to take their place. It’s always obvious thereafter that all book reading lead to strange conspiracy theory according to the media for whom everybody is a Nazi, especially Canadians! So toss them all in the over and nuke Jerusalem, which is Montreal. I don’t mind at all mocking the German Tribes who are almost identical to German Jews in matter of blood-worship instead of understanding any sort of equality under God.
Canadian Lordship System, as far as I can tell, is the most productive that has even been created. Left alone, it would have made America a New Jerusalem and France a New Roman Empire instead of a crappy democracy which destroys the rest of the planet in the name of freedom!

All of it run by technology that mocks politicians as if they were the dumbest tools on earth. I mean, they can’t begin to listen to bad music like that and not wait for the Apocalypse to come, like Stephen Harper or George W Bush.

German Tribes be German Tribes, Peter Brimelow or Kevin MacDonald, always sure they have it right and we must make an White Ethnostate like Israel. Confusing ifs and buts over and over again. It’s hilarious when you are not timid to say… Well folks, maybe you two split the difference and learn both the Jews and the Germanic Tribes are wrong to worship their blood and IQ. It never helped the freedom of the Chinese character either to be smart. Creating beautiful things is one thing and the Romans sure can do that, talking about one’s superiority on one’s reign leads me to remind folks that Eugenics was Liberal and Progressive and that book is pretty much Progressive and Liberal too if you haven’t read it, you can find it for free online. So if you think this book sounds right-wing? Nope!

This work can still be resumed if the Queen overthrow the Government of Canada and make us Serfs. Also, Separation of School and State now… then Separation of State and Hospital tomorrow. Better system, with which we’d reconquer America within a century. The Queen may already give up on England, the politicians already almost completely destroyed the place to get more voters and more diversity of ethnic cleansing. A Royalist would never be disloyal to Her Majesty, that would be like someone who pretended he wanted a CEO of USGloboCorp when what he means is, he wants to become the King of Jerusalem AKA the Antichrist. To become the new Trotsky of his era and finally put an end to all life on earth in the name of communism. I’m sure you’ll all get 1000 wives, LOL! You polygamous inbred freaks who have only mobile values as Otto Weineiger pointed out. What the hell, am I suppose to be nice? Who ever was nice to you for thousands of years, until you won WW2 and started controlling the whole Western World with your shitty Medias that have turned all poor peasants into brain-dead zombies unable and scared to criticize you fairly. Give it up freaks, you aren’t scaring anyone with your idiotic plans. We have David Cronenberg and Leonard Cohen on our side, you have Hollywood assholes and hypersensitive ADL, now even the Antichrist came come up and pretty much state he wants to be the Antichrist and what I see on the news by accident is the Pope going to the ruins of barbaric Jerusalem and visit GloboCorp Holocaust Museum Worldwide with Google Glasses. What is going on with our epoch, should I just send a Tweet to the Pope to remind him a few of the things his ancestors said and that, maybe, who knows? Maybe Jews have too much power and they’re screwing with your brain and control this joke of a theatrical farce known as democracy, which only poor peasants you are continually harassing can care enough to get angry with you, especially if Germanic Tribes who’s been in league with you, since the same as you, for a while now. Someone who went the whole way in Liberal Art can always easily dismiss the propaganda for tribal primitives you are spewing. It’s incredible it is working actually and global communism is almost reached now. The freaky Germans in Israel still think they live in a real country and not just a money-laundering operation otherwise known as the most perfect capitalistic liberal-democracy, just robbing everyone blind until Armageddon.

Now that this nice interlude into antisemitism is over, because we too love to be hated you know, we love the Quebec-bashing from Jewish-Canadian medias. So give us some more please, it’s helpful. I just worry now you may try and put us in gas chambers. You already exterminated us from Mid-America to put a bunch of German Tribe in there who love to get angry, because they are primitive peasants who are aware of the news. We should have deported them back to Germany after WW2 to be fair, no? The communists had already ethnically cleansed them quite a bit in Europe, why not deport all Germans and Scandinavian Nazis back to whence they came from if fair is fair? We did finance the build up of the Soviet Empire after all, because America was a Communist Country a century ago. Even the National Review was founded by communists and that’s the thing you folks in America call conservatism. Those were very odd Catholics in there… but then, it did progress further and today, well, they don’t even know what BS to tell the peasants. Do you know there is no such thing as right-wing Americanism? It’s insane they gave you the words of the French Republic, which use to mean… Right = Royalist – Left = Everything else under the sun that sprout forth from liberalism and the stupid notion you can put a pen on a piece of paper and write down human rights on it because of humanism. That doesn’t work!
Back to Greater Montreal and her multiplication of phone numbers thanks to mass-immigration ethnic cleansing French Revolutionary Terror promoted by Freemason silly bitches who work in the government because they could not find a real job like growing potatoes. At this point it should be obvious that a politician is dumber than most of the people they are trying to destroy to give us diversity. Even dumber than Presstitutes pimped for way too much money in convenience stores and other misc supermarkets to sell ads for cars and real estate. These people and their revolutionary zeal to destroy all Canadians since the Quiet Revolution is sad and pathetic, why must they try over and over again to get rid of the Romans? We’re asses! We become Decadent and we Decay, we don’t vanish. Then you can call us racists too, we LOL at communists ourselves.
The number for Greater Montreal is 579… The ethnic cleansing of Montreal (ie: Jerusalem) is driving out some of the Canadians away from the city to safer harbor where they need to use cars to go drive to the city to work in offices in useless make-work jobs for the sake of capitalism and selling oil and liberty of the press to zombies. Now to mention, countless garbage consumer products like wines, diamonds, real estate, supermarket poison food and everything in plastic which is the new lead of that here failed Empire. Do you really like what you see out of your window? Is it looking like the system is working if it can’t even provide sidewalks, proper roads and bridges? You know, the very basic stuff we are really able to do when governments don’t steal all of our money to buy themselves more crack for Rob Ford, the greatest Canadian of all time! The portrait of Canada circa 2014. You need know nothing more, that is Canada, in full view and this is a right-wing guy who’s right to smoke crack with his niggaz. Hey, if antisemitism is good for the Jews, let’s start the funner trend of making maximum Quebec-Bashing possible. I think Rob Ford is about to launch nukes at Montreal just about as much as I believe the Evil Aryans in Iran are about to Nuke the primitive savages in Israel. Why the hell would he waste his time, he has some civilized elements still left among his society, which is a good old country for Aryans! We have Uranium here, so we’re probably building nukes in our bunkers somewhere, better nuke Montreal just to be safe. Ask questions later, like after Danzig or something. If you nuke the old Homeland of the Aryans, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and places like that, then you run around and aim straight, you could also nuke Rome, Paris and Montreal. That’s the trick to finally have your private little paradise on earth with your brothers, the Germans. WW2, when two brothers in blood fight each other and make boo-boo sad face emoticon for 75 years over something they have done to themselves! You let German child play alone without adult supervision and he keeps hurting himself. He’s a genius, both in Gentile and Ashkenazim form with inbred features, still the two master races gig have lasted long enough. Romans do just fine without your bickering and bitching. You fucked up, again, we’re sorry you suck at measuring the consequences of the action you undertake.
So what happened is AD 579 before we try to burn your Template?

Year 579 (DLXXIX) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. The denomination 579 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

Now this is even more interesting, in AD 579:


So Arianism is confusing God the Father and God the Son, so trying to remake the Chosen People as sons of a Father they are still expecting to come, instead of accepting that the both are one and the same? Aryanism is therefore just a new rehash for German Tribes to wonder if, having killed Pope, the Father, their Blood was not their God? Same as Judaism. The question of racial supremacy, as we can see from this little experiment isn’t exactly new. Tribes used to make human sacrifice to the gods and stuff before something more coherent to hold up large nations together showed up to help keep tribal instincts at bay. Protestantism was just rebooting early redoubt of Christianity. It also happened in the year that is the same as the area code introducted in 2010 for Greater Montreal (ie: Jerusalem).
…and of course…
Pope Benedict XIV is the first Pope to have resigned from the Altar in 2013. He named Saint-Keteri just in time to fulfill the prophecy of Leonard Cohen?

Doing these researches on Wikipedia, one does note that this encyclopedia is growing extensively complete and may be attempting to be the end all of all knowledge in a sense. At the same time, while this is proper information, I wonder why we have democracy and newspapers that are so stupid as to make you grow blind. Maybe we will get Ancient Greek and Sanskrit in Wikitionary eventually. The whole concept of Wikipedia does follow the general outline of the Internet worship of crowd v. the wisdom of great minds. I think this is right too, in a sense, that much can be gathered by harnessing the knowledge of all epoch and cross-linking it all.
At the same time, the messy structure of the be-all, go-all-in nature of the Internet makes it so people will rarely trace those links and explore the information in-debt. I see it especially by the poor people who are being damaged by the Educational Industrial Complex who often seem more ignorant than the average indentured servant after 20 years wasted in school. Again, I don’t think there’s any value in education for most folks, it just damages them. If I had a tool like Wiki as a student, I don’t even know why I’d have bothered learning beyond the key basics than grabbing the rest from the sites. But then again, this is what I’ve done, I don’t know why more people are not doing it.
Maybe it is because the system we live under is a failure. It looks good indoor, in the hyper-sphere, but most people are used by technology to provide them senseless entertainment rather than using technology. This is why I still believe even if the system under the hood of the Internet is fine, the notion that it can be worth all the money in the world due to capitalism is insane. That is why one has to worry that if the means of communication, in particular Google, manage to control the means of production. What do we do, create more useless real-estates for more ethnic cleansing?
People are also turned into zombie by the mere except of information, they can’t tell apart things. That’s the problem with globalizing things. I think the Internet is mostly just in one language. The culture it provoke is homogenizing everything, it doesn’t work so well as we’ve seen with the multiplication of ethnic cleansing wars against Middle-Easterners and nearby Arab and African States that must be subdued to become colonies of the Israel Empire.  This is all envisioned to a tilt by Jacques Attali in A Brief History of The Future.

This idea is absolute chaos, even if it comes with good intentions, it comes from a primitive tribe that did not ever build any civilization. They built tons of systems, just can’t do the real work. The theorizing to no end does great disservice to them. This very notion that you could create a world of permanent nomads with capital of the world in Jerusalem is just recycling the very old mistake of the Bible that was already sure it was the Merchant who were doing all the work, but clearly it does never work that way. Yes, tribes moves around. Some are better than others at doing some things. There’s just not many Romans left anymore. I’m pretty sure the Renaissance is better than the garbage Americanism have availed us in terms of exterior beauty. Knowledge within the bound of an ethereal hyperspace is fine, it just shouldn’t be considered a Godly thing worth infinite money. Since most money goes toward communication, increasingly so, I think we should stop and take a look back if it’s in anymore best interest? I say this without hostility but I have no idea why I should apologize, it is to me now clear the Jews and Germans are the ones who may be similar and, at the same time, sort of too focus on their own bloodlines. It’s all somewhat all the same generic ethnic group with slight variants. French giving Latin to the English was a big deal in a sense, but when the opposite occur and we Romans get our ass kicked around for 251 years, it still don’t change our Core and Heart. We turn Decadent, there’s Decay and rot, but that’s thank to the culture.
The rot is in the way we are always spammed by your capitalism, liberalism, democracy and love of equality. It does not work, it’s decay everywhere. Our people remain the same in essence. German Tribes are perfectly fine too, so long as they are counter-balanced quite heavily with Roman. Otherwise, we may as well remember, White people are not from Europe at all, they are from the Middle-East and look at what happened there once it started being racially mixed and diverse… thousands of years of chaos that has nothing to do with religion. Race-mixing is a terrible idea. Just go outdoor in the average town outside of city core where cosmopolitan people resides and flaunt their bazillions of Monopoly Money as if this mattered at all. A proper civilization does not import slaves either, such as Mexicans, to run their farms. We did not need that in our Serfdom and it was a way better system than that of the predatory Germans who have Work Ethics because they get slaves or Catholics to do all the work for them while they theorize some more conceptual ideas to get more free wealth for themselves exploiting other human beings sufferings. Split the difference, stop doing what you are doing controlling everything and let’s get back to valuing things correctly, capitalism is worthless because paper money is a fantasy.
The notion they defend is for us to work to feed Africa until she has enough inhabitant, then use those Africans as slaves so they can have a thousand wives each. That’s more or less the Jewish plan if I grab the right elements out of it. Global chaos for the inbreeding polygamous Jews who want temporal power to gather all Gold and Women.
So, let’s get back to the original DIAL on our phone. 514 was it if you wanted to call Montreal.

Year 514 (DXIV) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Cassiodorus without colleague (or, less frequently, year 1267 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 514 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

514 = 2 × 257, centered triangular number, nontotient

Je remarque déjà, je crois, un changement chez Wikipedia depuis tantôt. Comme si un bug avait été fixé pour m’aider à le définir. Je peux voir un schisme d’un chiffre entre sens numérologique et annuaire chronologique et pas de téléphone. Encore une fois, bienvenue dans l’Empire Romain. On parle Latin parfois, vous no comprendoOh là là? WTF dude?
  • /Oraindik ez daukagu hitz honen ahoskera. Lagundu ezazu jartzen./

Pope Symmachus (died 19 July 514) was Pope from 22 November 498 to his death in 514.[1] His tenure was marked by a serious schism over who was legitimately elected pope by the citizens of Rome.[1]
Welcome to Montreal or Quebec or Canada or Jerusalem. Call again, you got a busy signal on your phone phreak. Call faster! Crack the crash.

You have stopped him with your Medias, we congratulate you on your good work Modernity! You can retire and have gay marriage with children now, perhaps get AIDS on Craigslist and Tinder too, enjoy AIDS, we send you foreign AIDS.

Two Popes with a Canadian denied his turn in the Russian Roulette toward bug with Modernity? No, this didn’t work, this is starting to sound rather odd and I don’t want to be led by someone who visit Worldwide Disney World Holocaust Museum 101 in Singapore or Montreal. Give it up, the joke is old, the Pope knows.

You know when I phreak and you listen to my phreaking, I see you seeing. I said, I dodge bullets! I was watching Videodrome when I was a kid and was trying to teach it to my friends and they all said: ScreaminJay you be crazy!!! You speak in tongue again, you must be EVIL… I said, we’re all evil, welcome to Amerika!

So Whip is Good Amerika, you are slowly starting to realize where you live in the world. Slowly, not sure when you get there on planet earth and stop destroying everything with your bitch cunt motherload idiotic Province of savages in Europe.

The ads are slowly evaporating… because, as we all know, you should appreciate this irony from us far-right-wing phreak. Wonder if the punks in Amerika remember there’s a British colony?

I see we can avoid too much slayer going for now. I’m going to look deeper into this:

Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Violent pacification Violent pacification Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Forces united The choice is yours Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification We’ll force you to be nice to each other Kill you before you kill each other Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification We’ll force you to be nice to each other Kill you before you kill each other Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Violent pacification Huh!

Dial 514. Time is now and choice is yours. I cannot see any ad for now, but I am not, I said it, waiting for this at all… ever!

This dude is from Montreal too of course, but he is a phreak who had problem with English Classes. He has good and bad answers to questions here.

Do you prefer California wines or French wines? White or Red? Elaborate…I don’t remember ever having tried a California wine, but the couple of French ones I’ve sampled were alright. Aussies are pretty good, too. I’m a carnivore, especially vis-à-vis game meats, so red is the way to go. Beer and whiskey are still the Royal Family, however.

Many people that initially joined the Ruthless Horde live in Canada, hardly the hub of metal in North America if you know what I mean. Quite frankly, aside from SYL, Kataklysm, and Cryptopsy, what does Canada really have to offer the world, metal and otherwise? I sure can’t think of much….Gaily-colored money (which, more and more, is beginning to resemble Italian lira), some classic hardcore bands (Dayglo Abortions, SNFU, 7seconds), more metal bands from way-back-when (Razor, Annihilator, Sacrifice, Voivod, Anvil), world-class beers (Unibroue, Wellington, MacAuslan), ice wines from the Niagra Peninsula, hydroelectric power, wood, Alberta beef (often free of Mad Cow disease), the chance to practice the letter “A”…lotsa stuff. 1 Turkish lira = 0.475579 U.S. dollars. 

Many Americans think of Canada as the retarded, maple syrup-slobbering little brother to the north — a country that remains safely under the wing of America’s military might and economic prowess. What do Canadians, and you specifically, think of America?

Please permit me to utter an uncontrollable note of derision: HAW-HAW-HAW. Thank you. Next. [Mike Note: I think he meant, “Horgh!”]

Many, many thanks for your time. Any last words, thoughts, grunts, invocations?What? No queries about the epic size of our genitals? How, then, are we supposed to brag? You gotta ask the pertinent stuff, boy. Other than that, thanks for the “chat”. Let’s hope we can have a brew together on the road, at some point.

Welcome to a world where we have more fun than you because we do question your stupid candy covered reality and we call the Black Pope to send Black Helicopters to investigate on your case with Lizard Peeps in the Igloo with Mohawks throwing Tea Parties up your Wazoo.   So anyway, maybe the interlink start making sense for me, or is it only on my dial, on my computer, in the way I view it changing now? Can I use another computer and see the same data fixing itself?

I knew we’d get some interesting in-between points, still this page is not displaying in French. Hey, I’m cool with communication, so long as you don’t send the US Army to bring back the girly-girls of Michelle Obama OK? Because we don’t like it when you do stupid stuff like that on the Internet girly-girl… we think, it’s almost as if you’re as powerless as a woman in a hut in the south of Africa. Oh yeah, looking closer at Vevo, I do notice the ads still, but I guess this is the only circular logic of this inner-core system now is it, getting punks to play monkeys to show how stupid Amerika is. Yes, this so-called music for punks is only there to sell them Presidents and cunts like her:

If someone need signs of end days, let say there’s more than a few in our area codes digits. If one is obsessed with phones and communication, figuring out how to build the Blue Box is interesting if the Template should be decoded before we confuse ifs with buts and create a chaos of concentrated wealth without any properly functioning civilization below. Industrial Revolution without capitalism would have been better. Information Revolution without capitalism also would have been greater. The rest is just blind green and temporal power for dumb punks who destroy the very earth they are trying to understand in the name of idea… Returning the earth to ether. Destroying all living organism in the name of knowledge-based economy where everybody is a zombie.

The more deep down I look into it, the more I believe the whole Template of the Internet needs a reboot before it reach the silly-willy Singularity option everyone is trying to achieve one way or the other. That is a way to pretend Bits are Atoms and the most valuable things on earth until everything else, like bridges and roads, become worthless. So I still think the Template need to be burned without losing one single piece of data and rebooted on a new motherboard that had better producer/consumer satisfaction and don’t pretend it can run the world with binary codes! The Information Age is a lie and Knowledge Economy is for dumb punks and lawyers!

That is solely because I have an extreme sensibility to outside cues about the nature of systems. I can tell people around me I will HAX GAFA and find a way to call John Draper to tell him I have heard partly the noise of the Internet. It does not sound the way I hear it, just the way I decypher it slowly in refining jargon.

It’s possible there’s a Tree of Life leading to the Apple somewhere, so long as it’s no poison apple… I’m trying to figure this out now as I make the math with Blue Box secret agents in cyberspace. I have to investigate further on Woz.

Doing mind-experiment in quickness of dials is hard. Maybe they should indeed do as requested and change the logo!

The Feud: Russian Orthodox Christians vs. AppleThe Russian Orthodox Church has demanded Apple change its logo to a cross. Incredibly, Apple may have to comply.

Which does not change the fact we are not seeing many Holy Roman Catholic Pope lately. I mean, one who is Roman in origin somehow clearly. Maybe one day, who knows? Two Popes right now is confused for the Kingdom of God.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with either of these fine folks…


I do believe in the Renaissance, not in politics for policies and for more freedom that gives us more Detroit both at home and around the planet. In that sense, even when Steve Sailer joke Canada could take Detroit, I think he is forgetting an immense detail that it was already taken away from us under the guise of capitalism with junk paper bonds without our name on the paperwork. The Land did belong to the King of France, not to Napoleon.

I go with my own tradition, which is why if the German Tribes and the Jewish Tribe keeps talking about their blood all of the time, I do respond we Roman People never had such a fanatical issue and that may be because we are good at building civilization, most likely the best at doing this and it would do you a world of good to remember.

As far as us being Leftist Left Leftism because Capitalism is Rightist Right Rightism, I am not a cretin, we are in Canada, not in France, there is no such thing for us as Left or Right. The occupier of Canada forced down Liberalism, Capitalism, Democracy on us so it could create a superb Aryan Nation for Aryan People from Santa Claus Land, because of course folks, the Aryans do come from the North and it is the savage invaders of the Roman Empire who are the true definition of Roman. Even today authors in France do point out who we like in American History… Want to bitch about ethnic cleansing in Mid-Europe? We were ethnically cleansed from Mid-America by liberalism, democracy and capitalism, you guys expect us to forget? Lovecraft was right, not many others in America ever have been about anything much… I mean here, about politics and the way to govern systems peacefully, accurately, hierarchically. Even if his idea of Aryans could not deduce further the key importance of Romans in later evolution. Jewish and Germanic Tribes without the Romans are never stable, same deal with Slavs. The key issue is that the Romans try not to act spiteful and vengeful of other people and contemptuous of the peasantry which are actually the ones building all civilizations.

Do you think we are cretins? Amerika is Left-Wing and Antichristian since basically the start, it just wasn’t obvious early on when the Revolution was purely a Coup-d’État by Freemasons as is often the case, just the more potent version of Protestantism toward pure abstract Humanism of Human Rights and Paperwork and Paper money to define all reality until no reality exist except numbers going down a computer screen telling you there is 1 trillion dollars in monkey land Park Avenue. Then you know, America is a communist country and has been for a long time, financing both the groundwork for the Bolshevik Revolution using Capitalism, then financing the Soviet Union during WW2 so she could conquer half of Europe and enslave all The Slavs! Taking over what was all the Slaves of the true Roman Empire, which they continually try to rape over and over again. How many times do we need to repeat these obvious truths. Stop being a communist, only Karl Marx defends the type of system you have created out of all great authors who ever lived. The joke isn’t funny and look around you the true damage down. Look at the rot, look at hard, concrete infrastructure everywhere. How do they look? If they’re all rotting everywhere, then your Information Age with capitalism is a very bad deal. Trading information continually for infinite money is pure chaos, it will destroy the world as it cannot replace the workers, even if it think it can, it’s confusing the nature of civilization. Hollywood is a scamming operation, Wall Street is too, FED is as well, so is Silicon Valley at this point. Many good ideas used the wrong way. It’s too big an abstraction to be worth all the money in the world, especially once turned digitized. How many zeroes can you put on a computer screen after a 1 and call this money?

This is the obsession of those who loves Temporal Power too much and want to return to Solomon days, so they can have a 1000 wives each. Chosen people are absolutely incapable of running a civilization, it is not in their genes, they do not work, they have others do the work for them and call this being Merchants. They can be that, but it is a never-ending quest to drain all natural resources until you have destroyed the world and turned her into fine hashed ash. This is why Romans do things better and have done so for a while, maybe you could give them a chance at a Renaissance and stop pretending, shouting over each other, who between East-Asians, Jewish Tribesmen and Germanic Tribesmen is the Master Race. No one cares! You all need different customs and Romans can run stuff better both in Europe and America if you don’t continually try to ethnically cleanse us. You do realize we’re a bit difficult to make vanish, Canadians probably more-so than French since our medias are not owned and operated by Jews, unlike France where communism is the new official right-wing extremism.

Granted, we live in Decadence and Decay, so we can only Troll U America to show you how much we don’t know about order, civilization and nation. How very leftist we are because we have anarcho-syndicalism and national-socialism. Just, under the poor influence of freemasonry due to Quiet Revolution? Must be the reason why the official right and far-right today in France is quoting Karl Marx continually in France. Alain Soral is worst than Hitler and talk poorly about Jewish people all of the time, so his right-wing references are Rousseau, Marx and Freud. Let’s not talk here about any sort of inversion here… of course Marx was an antisemitic right-wing extremist fringe character. It’s funny!

See, those are trolls explaining you basic facts of life in absurd fashions. For you guys and your capitalism, this is punk. I am sure the teacher with a baseball bat is talking about justice for all and equality, liberty, freedom, equality and huh, more freedom with capitalism, granted. There is hierarchies everywhere, from A to Z, but we are all Z before one over us at any given point in the Temporal sense. The Greek references to Alpha, Beta and Omegas This is the true order of civilization! You guys are unaware of it, because you think blood and master race all of the time! We are all equal, yet no one is equal, try to live in peace with your neighbor, all the obvious truth of Catholicism, Ancien Régime and Renaissance beauty. When we are running things, they are not that bad you see. Until German Tribes decide to Kill The Father and become heretical Protestant, again displaying their barbarism and lack of understanding of the hierarchies. They already yell and should about the Jews. Very different deal with Roman Catholics, we don’t deal that way with such a question.
Those are static simple basic orderly truth. We are all ZERO here. There is no Singularity. No One is Coming, Santa Claus does not live in the North-Pole with Aryans, he also does not try to fix the burned dead ruins of the dead Jerusalem ruins using Germanic Ashkenazim Heretics who are hyper-protestant progressive Quaker-Mason smoking meth on crack while masturbating to Karl Marx. Sorry, I meant Reform-Judaism is a copy of Protestantism, LOL!
Because here is your very bad interpretation of Cyberspace as Space and God as Time. Generation Z is Generation Reactionary. They are young and will stop their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents from hurting themselves hurting everybody else because they were intoxicated by their culture.
Just, they are not the German Tribes nor the Jewish Tribe, two sides of a very similar coin in the case of Ashkenazim for whom it has reached the point of being self-analyzed as a global mental defect known as bipolar disorder nowadays, such as the one Leonard Cohen has. One may even call it psychopathy at the upper notches.
But here’s how intelligence is tricky in the Nietzsche sense. Once you discover how the world works, you discover some things that are too unpleasant for the average people to know about the nature of duality in this world between the spectrum of good and evil. The simple truth is, we are always in-between true goodness and true evilness. However, our system today if one decrypt it in what it is promoting via her media and advertisement, not to mention her capitalism and politicians, all it is encouraging are for people to move ever closer to vice in every meaningful way and call this justice and peace, for tolerance and God knows what else?   When you get a cold head and pure abstract thinking about the nature of this theater, you become emotionless. You do not fear. You know the truth is out there if you keep looking and you keep eyeing above the stratosphere as people send you various fitness test around you. This is how difficult it is to balance the healthy aspect of verbal intelligence with staying grounded on the abstraction it can provoke. Making you believe, for example, that Bits are actually Atoms you can manipulate to create real objects called Data, which would be the same as an Item you could place on a Ship, as if the ocean had internautical hyperboats shipping abstract items around and all of this could be regulated by the Merchant Class, whom are the Jewish Tribe.
Sorry, you have lost the map there. The Hyper Space is not a Spacetime, it is an abstraction.

Bits are, if you think beyond your emotions, not at all potential atoms, even if they can manipulate the atoms down on earth. The enigma is in the word and the etymology. A bit is not an atom, it is a word.
All the digital world of the digital age is a mathematical abstraction that has been confused way too many issues without returning to true coherent realism of the end results of the system. Jewish solipsism, otherwise known as immaterialism, otherwise known as verbal abstract intelligence instead of material mathematical spacial intelligence and continually confuse ifs with buts.

These are complex permanent questions of the reflection one poses upon the world. I am just slightly worried that, when Seth Rogen who went to Hebrew School in Vancouver makes a movie called This Is The End.

The first to go in their scenario is the Roman, Michael Cera being half-Canadian and Half-Italian. Then you have the Jewish crew of decadents with the typical token Negro playing fool. In the end, will be saved whoever was good whatever their own conception of what good is in their own mind. So if the definition of good is tolerance of  tolerance and the definition of evil is intolerance of intolerance. You have a major moralistic dogma lock down that spirals out of control, because not tolerating not tolerating is a double-negative, are people that bad at math or do they just do not even want to see the nature of words to justify their Decadent behavior that is Good if they say it is.
Understanding all this is not very hard when you stupid a bit beyond your emotions and reach the cold apex of investigating the world around you, the people that surrounds you becomes more difficult to converse with, as they’ve been forced for so long by their culture to think solely with their emotions, force-fed politic pablum 24/7, capitalism graph for punks and they all believe the Information Age is good because it makes us all work in office cubicles trading emails between people who trade emails to trade emails and call other other on cellphones to call each other on cellphones with data plan and plenty of buttons to push to stay entertained, have true complete democracy and have your voice heard. Make your blog, yell out loud your opinion. Read the comments of others. Debate. Spam again.
This is just the ultimate nature of the NET, it’s wide and ever stretching and rely on accumulating ever more data to spam back at the user. But it’s an empty immaterial mechanism, a perpetual feedback loop coming from nowhere and heading nowhere faster.

The mistake was simply to mistake BIT for ATOM, then mistaking the construct of words spreading around in a hyper-spacial settings would lead up to ethereal consequences when the data itself would become the item on earth and vice-versa. I think this vision is gravely mistaking, everything about Transhumanism and Singularity worshiping is akin to thinking heterodoxy and homodoxy would lead to the same conclusions, which may explain how a delirious tribe in NYC and LA, or Amerika and her Province the EU, decided one of our top priority in this century was to talk about men who have sex with men feelings not being hurt by bad words.



  1. (slang) Documents, especially information sought by hackers about an individual (address, credit card numbers, etc.).
    • 1995, “J Eric Chard”, Will Vinton’s Playmation (on newsgroup comp.graphics.animation)
      Why is it that, even after DECADES of carping from Jerry Pournelle, software companies STILL don’t hire competent professionals to write their dox?

  • 2002, “X”, this is getting old (on newsgroup houston.general)
    its ok, someone emailed me his address, phone #, ss#, the works. seems theres[sic] someone out there that dislikes him more than i do. i cant wait to hear how many people have his dox now. this should be really interesting…


  • 2004, “Andrew D Kirch”, Here is something that will work for the rest of us (on newsgroup news.admin.net-abuse.email)
    judging by the lack of the 6 it would appear we have our spammer here, LETS[sic] PULL HIS DOX!


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